Monday, August 26, 2013

Expired Sodexo Coupon Renewal

Is your Sodexo  meal pass or Gift coupons got expired . . Don’t worry . Here is the way to renewal your sodexo passes

=>Write a request letter like this ..

    Request for new Sodexo for Non-utilization in the prescribed period




The Sodexo,

2nd Floor, Scorpio House,

132 Wheeler Road Extension,

Cox Town, Bangalore - 560005

Tel: 080 4033 3444 Fax: 080 4033 3666,

Dear Sodexo team,

Please find enclosed Sodexo meal Pass booklets which are expired on XX date <Month> <Year>. Request you to reissue these meal pass with expiry date of <Date>-<Month>-<Year> . Breakup of the booklets is as below.

50 X <No of coupons >>= XXX

20 X <No of coupons >>= XXX

10 X <No of coupons >>= XXX

Total Amount XXX. The address for the delivery after the revalidation is as below.


<<Your Name >>

My Address

<<Your Name>>

<<Your Address>>>

=>Update this letter with appropriate information 

=> Print in Company letter head

=>Send it to To address which is mentioned in the Sodexo, Bangalore Address  through post

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Resolution for Skype high CPU, Memory usage issues

With the latest version of Skype i observed that My System CPU , And memory usage is High , I have never had this problem with Skype before.  The rest of the programs running on my PC are the same as before latest version. Some times my hang ups .

Solution for fixing this issues


Uninstall the Skype  and Download the old version of Skype . You can find below link


Install it . Now see the difference .


After installing this version, When you login in you will again get latest version prompt as showed below  


You should  disable this Automatic updates as specified below

Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Automatic updates ->Turn off automatic updates



Enjoy with old version :)